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Woobie Blanket

The woobie blanket is the perfect addition to your usgi military style wardrobe. It is an all-weather poncho liner. This blanket is made with a comfortable and sturdy fabric that will keep you warm in the cold weather. The blanket can act as a refuge when your spectacular vehicle pulls up to your house.

Army Woobie Blanket

The army brownie blanket is my favorite blanket because it is so soft and has a great feel. It's perfect for sleeping in and is also a great blanket to keep you warm in cold weather.

Woobie Blanket Army

The woobie blanket army will make your sleep a little easier. The zippero is regular poncho fabric but we've added a light sleeping bag for added comfort. The woobie blanket army comes with a carry bag and a woobie backpack. the woobie blankets are perfect for a warm, wet weather outlook. They are made from 100% cotton and are a great addition to your us military army acu digital wet weather liner. The blankets are easy to care for and are perfect for sleep, perfect for a user who wants to be sure that they are taking care of their blanket while in service. the military style woobie blanket in multicam camo is perfect for keeping you warm in the cold weather. This blanket is made with a high-qualityylon fabric that is all over the world. It has a comfortable fit and makes you feel safe and warm. this woobie blanket is made with usgi military wet weather poncho liner and acu digital cover. It is a great blanket for cold weather. The blanket is a fun and stylish way to ameliorate the cold environment.