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Vintage Care Bears Blanket

This! Ai! Is the perfect blanket for those cold winter days! The soft, warm, and stylish bears make a great addition to your home office or bedroom. Whether you're looking to up the spiely game this winter or just feel more comfortable, the bears are right at home.

Care Bears Baby Blanket

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Care Bear Blanket

This care bear blanket is a perfect addition to your home or office. The stylish fabric and blue color make it a unique option that will make a statement. The blanket is made to keep you warm and comfortable. this vintage care bear blanket throw is a great way to keep your bear cozy during the winter. It comes with 30 sq. Meters of fabric tomurano chisel to feel®, and 32x32 inches of constructionained with murano. The blanket can be made with a choice of coloreds and levels of stuffing, in either 3/4 or 1/2 inch size. It also has a bears “t” insignia. This perfect for the bear lover in your life! this care bear blanket quilt cover is made in the usa. It is a great addition to your bedroom or bedroom set. The quilt is made of cotton and the quilt cover is made of 100% wool. This care bear blanket quilt cover is a great addition to your bedroom. this bedtime bear blanket is a great option for those who love to sleep. The care bear hoodie fabric is associated with sleep and this blanket is no different. It's made of quilted care bears material and it's a fun and cozy way to celebrate bedtime. The comforter is also a great option for those who love their bedtime stories.