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Tranquility Weighted Blanket

The tranquility weighted blanket is a perfect way to keep you warm and dry. The weighted blanket is machine washable and can be tailored to any size which is perfect for any room. The plush material is durable and safe for any ages group.

Tranquility Weighted Blanket Amazon

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Tranquility Weighted Blanket Ebay

Thetranquilityweighted blanket is a warm and cozy blanket that will keep you warm and comfortable. This blanket is made with 100% wool that is made to be comfortable and warm. It has a 15-lb weight that is campaign-friendly and will make you more comfortable. this tranquility weighted blanket is a 15lb dm that is made to keep you comfortable and warm. It has a comfortable fit and a heavy weight to make it difficult to move on. This blanket is perfect for a home or office during cold weather. this 12-poundtranquility weighted blanket is perfect for reducing stress and enjoying a relaxing night's sleep. It's made of soft, cozy fillers and is 12-inches in size, perfect for a small room or home room. The blanket can be set in a spot without heat, deciding then being shrouded in a climate-controlled environment, making it perfect for using in a cold bedroom. this tranquility weighted blanket is designed to keep you cool and warm. It is made of 15-pound weighted blue fabric and features a nile blue dm. This blanket is designed to be used inenzors and other areas of the home for momentare.