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Rare Navajo Blanket

This antique navajo blankets is a great choice for a new home or for ancients themed office! This blanket is 50x72 inches and is made of 100% wool. It has a few small flaws, but is a great deal at this price.

Antique Indian Blanket

The antique indian blanket is one of the most iconic items from the indian country. It is made of 100% wool and is thought to be so rare that it is only made available to a few select individuals. The blanket is said to be their most special document and is often seen as a part of their cultural heritage. what is the history of the antique indian blanket? . the antique indian blanket was first made in the early 1800s. It is thought that the blanket was created as a part of the indian culture as part of their history and heritage. As time goes by, the blanket has become more popular and is now often seen as a part of today's american culture. The blanket is known for its rare quality and is only available to a few select individuals.

Antique Indian Blankets

This is a rare indian blanket style sampler, with a uruguayo wedge weave which is a cotton twill fabric that is some of the first and most commonly available. The perfect way to keep a bed or sleeping area in condition. This blankeam is in excellent condition with only a few small ownership issues. We offer it at our store for $5 each. this navajo blankets is a rare early 1900s american indian rug bluffer. It is a type blanket made of wool or cotton and patsy's design is a rose. It is a beautiful blanket that is perfect for a bed or chair. this 3-plynative american blanket is a very rare item. It is a large blanket, which means that it is made out of three layers, one on each side of the blanket. The blanket is also made out of52 inches wide by 52 inches long blanket. This is a great blanket for those who are looking for an old world feel to their home. The serape fabric is from the era of the 18th century and is made of thin, fine weave thread. It is very comfortable to sleep in and would make a great bedding or blanket set. this blanket was made in 1930s, and is made ofzy medium weight fabric. It is a blanket made from recycled materials, and is made to last. The blanket is in excellent condition, and is priced at $2,