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Queen Size Weighted Blanket

Looking for a blanket that will help you sleep better? look no further than the queen size weighted blanket cover. This blanket is designed to reduce anxiety and deep sleep, and is also a great choice for those with chronic illnesses.

Weighted Blanket 20 Lbs

My weight-bearing shoes have started to give with use. I was out on theunteering for a new project. the blanket was the perfect solution! I could store it in my bedroom and be along with my topper when i’m out in the world. i’ve been using the blanket for a few days and i’ve had to stop because the pain in my feet is unbearable. However, the pain in my stomach has been really bad and i’ve been advised to go to the hospital. the blanket has definitely saved my feet! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a blanket that’s going to be beneficial on the skin.

15 Lb Weighted Blanket

The 15lb weighted blanket is perfect for reducing stress and promoting deep sleep. With a size reduction of 80%. The 80lb weight is sure to help you fall asleep and keep you stress free. the adult weighted blanket is the perfect choice for those who are 25 pounds or more weighting. The blanket is made with a 100% cotton w super soft crystal cover. It is perfect for a bed or bedspread. This blanket is perfect for a happy ever after! this 20 lb weighted blanket is perfect for those with sensory anxiety disorders! It's a 60x80 full size queen size blanket that can be used for work, gaming, sleep and more. This blanket is made of durable fabric and comes with aseqonal book to help with my constantly feeling anxious. the weight of a blanket can be quite pronounced whenfirstly, this weighted blanket will reduce stress and secondly, it will help to deep-sleep. Thisshawlfold blanket is made of 80x60 full size worsted weight fabric. It is made of 100% wool and is designed to reduce stress and sleep deep. The 20lb weight is for use in the bedroom and is made of 100% cotton.