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Peppermint Crochet Blanket Pattern

This crochet blanket is so amazing, you will love it! It is made from a stripe crohookpattern and the peppermint crochet stripes, making it a so adorable and comfortable blanket. New patterns are always popular, so be sure to check out this peppermint crochet blanket now.

Peppermint Crochet Blanket Pattern Ebay

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Peppermint Crochet Blanket Pattern Walmart

This a baby blanket pattern that I have made for myself. It is made out of 100% when and peppermint thread. I have also made a few other crochet blankets like this one with a different color and a different size. This one is for a baby who is 3 months old and is too big for a regular blanket. this crochet blankets is made with peppermint fibers and is a bigger version of the crochet blanket pattern that you can see below. This blanket is made with 100% wool and is a great for those with a cold or cold weather. This blanket is also great for those who want to use as a blanket for a baby or for sleeping in. the peppermint crochet blanket is a great product for those who love the smell of peppermint in the air! The blanket is made with a soft, minty fabric and a simple crochet border. This blanket is a great for those who love the feel of a peppermintclimate in the skin! the peppermint crochet blanket is a great way to add a bit of peppermint flavor to your crib. The blanket is made out of 100% acrylic, and is made in the usa. This crochet blanket is made to fit a single use only and is not meant for use on an starts with a certain child's growth. Overall size of this blanket is only 1-2' wide, so it would be perfect to use as a blanket to place on the crib or as a stripe on a door.