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Navajo Blanket

Looking for a blanket to protect your bed from the cold winter night? look no further than the navajo chiefs blanket. This blanket is made of 100% wool and is perfect for those who are cold in the night. Plus, it has a great feature of being able to be turned inside out so you can keep your shanties on during the day.

Navajo 3rd Phase Chief Blanket
Navajo Inspired Saddle Blanket

Navajo Blankets

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Navajo Child's Blanket

This blanket is a great buy! It is a navajo double saddle blanket and it is a great piece of furniture. It is a great gift for a nashoba family member or a family member of a nashoba. This blanket is a great gift for anyone! this authentic native american blankets is a great way to feel like you're from the make your own tribe culture and are from the ground down. It has a navajo weaver tapestry that is made from a unique type of fabric that doesn't occur commonly on other types of tapestries. This tapestry is made from a soft, luxurious, and soft fabric that feels great against your skin. Plus, it has a natural looking tapestry that is easy to see on a room's background. this is a fantastic vintage indian blanket with asymbols excelling. The blanket is a twin size with a double layer of soft ticking. The blanket is also lined with soft fabric. This is a excellent piece for a show home or as a new addition to the home. this navajo wool blanket saddle rug is a rare opportunity to own a piece of history and community history in the same room. The rug is made from hand-carved diamonds from the navajo nation in south-central mexico. The rug is believed to be older than any other rug of its type. It is now on display at the navajo nation park in window rock, the rug is aursor to the history of the navajo people.