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Mylar Blanket

This 5 pack of emergency blankets is perfect for those who live in an emergency. They are made from a thermal insulation mylar sheet, which gives you the safety of those extra-safe materials that you can rely on in a survival situation. These blankets are a perfect choice if you need to warm up before fighting a fight, or if you need to stay safe during a natural disaster.

Space Blanket

The space blanket is so cute and would be a great addition to your home office space. You can always make an addition to your home office if you don't have this blanket. here is a budget-friendly way to get a space blanket for your home office. I found this blanket at a yard sale and it was just $40. You can make a shape of a room and then fill it with space blankets to make it a sleeping bag type of blanket. if you're looking for a space blanket that will help you relax and de-stress, try this blanket. It's a space blanket, but it's made of soft, soft materials. It's perfect for when you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. this space blanket is the perfect way to help you relax and de-stress. It's made of soft, soft materials and it's perfect for when you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.

Space Blankets

The space blanket by emergency blanket is an arctic-friendly way to keep yourself and those around you warm during a time of need. This blankets is 8 pack and will last up to 82 days at a temperature of 82 degrees fahrenheit. The mylar heat insulation makes this a perfect blanket for the coldest parts of the winter. mylar blankets are perfect for emergency tents, camping trips, and rescues. They are bright green and have a see-through quality, making them great for reflective shelters and bags. this emergency solar blanket is a great safety upassment if you are stuck with nothing else. It is a mylar space blanket with 10 leaks and a built-in solar blanket. The mylar space blanket will heat up to 10 degrees with just one leak, thus providing warmth and safety during a time of need. This is a great item for the advanced survivor. if you're lost or threatened with loss of space blanket, this one's for you! This emergency space blanket is made of mylar blankets and has 54x82 stitches for a large area to cover. It's also free shipping on most items.